Retiring Penn Study Spaces

Since 2011, Penn Study Spaces has been an aggregator of all the various study spots on campus. The website was fully developed by Penn Labs, with funding from VPUL and the UA, and launched in early 2011. However, over the years, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain information about Penn’s spaces, and data sharing talks were unsuccessful.

Within the next few days, we plan on completely retiring Penn Study Spaces and all related services. We greatly appreciate all your support over the years, and apologize for any inconvenience.

We hope that we can revive Penn Study Spaces using university open data or crowdsourcing the data. The Penn Study Spaces source code is open source and available at If you have project ideas, suggestions, or a successor, please let us know!

PennMobile goes open source!

The official Penn mobile app for iOS and Android is now available on GitHub

After a year in development and release, PennMobile is now being open sourced to the general public! With over a thousand active users, PennMobile continues to grow and we’d like to get your input. We all make mistakes, so don’t hesitate to report a bug or make a fix—we’ll take a look at it ASAP. The apps are licensed under the MIT license, and you can check them out on the iOS and Android project pages.

Interested in more Labs open source projects? Visit our GitHub page today!

What’s coming in the new PennMobile?

A new school year is about to get started, and the Penn Labs team has a brand new release of PennMobile to go along with it. After a huge amount of developer effort over the summer, this is what’s coming in the Fall of 2015.

Transit Routing

For the longest time, Penn students have had access to the PennBus, which has two primary routes, East and West. At the same time, knowing which bus takes you where is difficult to find out, and so many Penn students opt to take a cab or SEPTA into center city when it isn’t needed. With the PennMobile app coming in the fall, you’ll be able to navigate to any destination using the PennBus system – just like Google Maps navigation!


Campus Map

The first day of classes is always challenging, especially for new students (hey class of 2019!) or in a new building (engineering, looking at you). Now PennMobile has an integrated campus map with every building on campus, and a course search with an integrated map to find your classes. It’s as easy as a search away. Bonus: tap the navigate button in the bottom right, and you’ll get walking directions to your class.


To try out these features, and many more, visit the PennMobile website at Hope you enjoy!